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The GHOSTDAG ERC-20 Token allows users to enjoy the benefits of mined KAS without having to invest effort in the cumbersome task of procuring and managing KAS Mining Infrastructure

WARNING: Engaging with cryptocurrencies is extremely risky and dependent on regulations across different geographies. GhostDAG.org are not financial advisors and engaging with any of our products and services does not guarantee any sort of financial rewards. Users of any products and services on our platform are strongly advised to do their own research inclusive of geo-specific legislations and understand the risks accordingly from licensed financial advisors in the space. As of December 2023, pending broad-based regulatory clarity, all cryptocurrencies across the spectrum are only lines of code offering no intrinsic value or otherwise in comparison to real regulated money-markets. Anyone found proceeding from here is deemed to be engaging with the Protocol at his or her own free will and risk appetite with no liability or impact due to the Team at GhostDAG.org We are unequivocally not responsible for results of any users decision making.


Bringing KASPA Mining to users on ETH as an ERC-20

The GhostDAG token, symbol GDAG, is a fully minted ERC-20 Token with a Total supply of 28.7 Billion, in line with KASPA. Trading Dynamics: The GDAG Token employs a 4/0 Buy/Sell tax that is utilized to fund the ecosystem of Miners. Tax generated by the Project is utilized to procure and manage IceRiver and BitMain KAS miners, in addition to paying for operational expenses, marketing and CEX listings for the Token.

The trading tax is further divided into 3% convert to ETH and 1% converted to auto-LP to ensure a stable trading pool. The Tax goes to the labeled Miner Funding wallet, easily trackable by all GDAG holders and can be pulled by the Deployer MineKaspa.eth

The GDAG Contract is renounced and only a rescue function has been made available to pull the LP tokens from the CA for distributing as staking rewards.

No other modifications - modify buy or sell tax, trading limits, wallet holding limits etc can be executed.

Post completion of Miner acquisition, mining operations will commence with an easily trackable and public dashboard that will allow GDAG holders to seamlessly identify the Th/s on offer and resultant rewards.

The revenue will be distributed between GDAG holders and the GhostDAG.org project as follows:

50% of Mining rewards less operational costs to GDAG holders

30% to GhostDAG.org (to be well noted that GhostDAG.org is a wholly owned project by Blocktools.org)

20% to TOOLS token holders

Initially, payouts will be in the form of ETH, pending propagation of an ERC-20 for wrapped Kaspa (wKAS) by the Team at KASPA, at which point 1:1 conversion to wKAS can be considered.

The duration of future distribution and payouts are to be finalized via DAO Operations as the project will be decentralized with 80% liquidity under ownership of the GDAG community. Voting will establish whether to distribute revenue in KAS or liquidate the mined KAS to Stables or ETH for the distribution.

Colocated Mining for 3rd Parties

With mining facilities located across 3 geographies to cater for BCP/DR and strong hands & feet presence for daily operations, GhostDAG remains committed to supporting and growing the Kaspa ecosystem. All facilities are inherently secure, with sufficient MW capacity and rack-space to scale.

Institutions and other 3rd parties need not hold the GDAG token, neither are your revenues part of the GDAG distribution cycles. You are entitled to keep the entire mined revenue less agreed and signed service contract on Opex + Fees.

How it works:

  1. We procure miners on your behalf on successful receipt of payment, and invoice you the same

  2. We agree on the Service Contract (flexible rates depending on size, however for smaller sizes of sub $100,000 orders and below, a flat 5% Service fee is charged)

  3. You create a KASPA wallet, this can be created directly on a CEX such as Kucoin, MEXC etc

  4. You receive rewards in full every 24 hours via the trackable F2 Pool, which you will own and give us the ID (to map your devices)

  5. At the completion of 30 days we invoice you the Service Fee inclusive of USD 0.1 kWh and you reimburse us for the same

Note: Non-payment of Service Fee will result in miners being switched off and returned to the party (party to bear shipping cost).

Device Maintenance: All devices are purchased new. Any breakage under warranty can be addressed in two ways:

A. Ship to local service center or factory source - Time consuming, Party pays shipping charges

B. Fix on-site with spare parts sourced through local dealerships - Faster, cost-effective

Party can decide whichever option is viable.

With operations spread across 3 DCs, and ample rack space plus MW capacity, the GhostDAG mining facilities are ideal for institutions looking to mine at scale without the overheads and maintenance hassles.

Enquiries are welcome. Site visits can be organized for successfully closed deals on a case by case basis.

Visit: GhostDAG.org

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