⛏️Mining Equipment

The project focusses on 2 main ASIC providers to generate KAS rewards, IceRiver and Bitmain.

WARNING: Engaging with cryptocurrencies is extremely risky and dependent on regulations across different geographies. GhostDAG.org are not financial advisors and engaging with any of our products and services does not guarantee any sort of financial rewards. Users of any products and services on our platform are strongly advised to do their own research inclusive of geo-specific legislations and understand the risks accordingly from licensed financial advisors in the space. As of December 2023, pending broad-based regulatory clarity, all cryptocurrencies across the spectrum are only lines of code offering no intrinsic value or otherwise in comparison to real regulated money-markets. Anyone found proceeding from here is deemed to be engaging with the Protocol at his or her own free will and risk appetite with no liability or impact due to the Team at GhostDAG.org We are unequivocally not responsible for results of any users decision making.


At present, the KS3M 6 Th/s device has been selected as the core weapon of choice offering the best balance across cost of acquisition, maintenance and any other associated overheads. The added benefit of quicker ship times makes this a lucrative option.

Although not as robust in quality as Bitmain, and without the added benefit of Bitmains extensive after sales support, IceRiver continues to make progress and we believe the risk reward is sufficient to derive meaningful value in daily operations.

Power Consumption: 3200W


As a contingency measure to cut the overdependence on IceRiver, 3 x KS3 9.4 Th/s devices have also been procured with a roadmap item to add more in order to balance the risk across both product providers.

The primary challenge in procuring Bitmain devices stems from longer delivery times, variable pricing identified in mid-month cycles basis underlying coin price, making it difficult to forecast procurement or engage in cost benefit analysis on overall proposition.

However the DC will continue to scale and stock ample amount of Antminers to ensure exposure to the leader in the PoW mining space.

Power Consumption: 3500W

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